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                 Where No Shadows Fall

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                                              12 Tracks + Bonus Track

                     Where No Shadows Fall                       

PhotobucketWhere No Shadows fall

      Where No Shadows Fall 

  How Can I make Your Heart Surrender 

                   Come To Me

              Hold You In My Arms

             Tell Me How You feel

          I'll Come Running To ya

       I Wanna be there With You

       How Can I Ever Forget You

           Our Lives Together

              I Believe in You

          What More Can I Do

                 My Mama

               End Of Days 

Bonus track -- Written In The Stars 

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                                   I Believe In Miracles


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 I Believe In Miracles has 11 Tracks On There You Will Find.

                                   You Drive Me Crazy

                                   You Are The One

                                 Somewhere in my Heart


                                     Love Is Blind

                                               How Do You Know

                                       I Can't Say No 

                                    Time Will Not Forget

                                       Jenny's With Me

                                 I Just Want To Be With You                   

                                     I Believe In Miracles

I Hope You Will Enjoy Listening To These Songs As Much As I Have Recording Them

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