Ade Carr

                              ABOUT ME


Hi I was  born in chester in 1954 and it all started when I was 5 years old and I wanted a drum kit after watching late 50s and early  60s groups on our old black and white telly which took about half an hour to warm up then you'd get the picture, I learnt the drums but by the time I was 8  I saw groups more and more with what I thought were the most beautiful instruments I had ever seen the guitar and so my Mum and Dad secretly bought me one for christmas with what must have been a lot of money to them  then. It was a small acoustic guitar nylon strung but mean't the world to me, they had a friend of a friend who came round to give me guitar lessons and he said that I would never ever play the guitar(prat) he never gave me a chance he wanted me to learn twinkle twinkle little star and I wanted to learn Beatles songs and Hermans Hermits ,anyway I thought If thats the best he can offer I'll do it myself and so I did. I joined my first band  at 15 years old and we were playing stuff like T.rex  which was alright but I wanted more and so  a little later on I started playing Boston,Thin Lizzy.Led Zepplin,Status Quo,Black Sabbath,Ufo Budgie,and all sorts of progressive rock music and then i joined A band called 69 Hertz,We had a big set up and locally had a great reputation with loads of work,The best gig for me was when we played a gig in Wrexham called the Jolly Tavern  and to my astonishment every time I played a lead solo  on the guitar all the biker's used to bow down to me on there hands and knee's and I can tell you that got the adrenelin moving and something I will never forget. From that night  they started doing it every where and we really all enjoyed our selves.Then after about 2 and a half years later we split up and I lay dormant for a while still playing at home and  listening to The Eagles a lot and became a bigger fan than I already was, and riding motor bikes a lot more.I met a lovely girl who is now my wife.After we married I joined another group on the cabaret circuit called crossfire and that took me back to my roots playing 60s music we had a great time and some good laughs and also became very popular all around the North West and Wales, we eventually decided  to call it a day and I was asked by our then manager if I would  like to join The Fourmost from Liverpool as lead guitarist and backing vocalist which I thought  mmm I just might until I found out that I would be singing most if not all backing vocals sounding like pinky and perky so that put me off.After that I lay low for quite a number of years bringing up my one and only daughter with my wife meanwhile I started dabbling in writing  my own songs and bought a little Yamaha four track tape recorder which was alright in it's time.As time progressed people would say  they thought my songs were ok so I thought why not go and get some better gear while all this was going on I had been learning other instruments as well like piano ,banjo,bass,lap steel guitar.mandolin,and  a ukulele.What you hear today is a combination of what I have learnt and here is some of the gear I use today .recording deck is a 16 track Akai proffessional,microphone is a behringer B2 pro for vocal's and some times acoustic guitars.I use a boss Dr Rythme drum machine because of lack of space which is linked via midi to my keyboards which is a Yamaha psr 2000.I use a Merlin sidewinder fur string bass,My guitars are an Ovation custom balladiere electro acoustic,a twelve string Takamine acoustic guitar the same as Glen Frays out of the Eagles,I also use a Gibson Sg 1971 electric, a Fender Stratocaster 1972 electric,a FenderTelecaster american deluxe electric ,and finally an Ibanez Joe Satriani js 1200 electric which is the guitar I play most of the lead solo's on my new songs.So at the moment I'm writing my own songs and playing everything  I still have a lot of friends in the music industry I go out drinkin with and on the radio and they keep saying why don't you gig any more and the answer to that is, I would If  musicians were more reliable and didn't have such big ego's, Im not in it for the fame It means more to me when someone says I like your songs ,I could not stop playing music if I wanted too,and I have that many idea's for songs I can't get them down quick enough. Thank you for taking the time to read this, that's if anyone does. I would appreciate any comments you may have cheers for now and take care and who knows I might do a gig near you I never say never.

Take care.